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PE & School Sport Apprenticeship

The Stafford Sports and Performance Academy work in Partnership with Sporting Futures Training to deliver the Level 2 PE and School Sport Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership.

The role of an apprentice is to:

  • Support PE leads within schools during curriculum lessons. 

  • Support lunch time and after school clubs.

  • Support with planning and delivery for school games competition.

  • Support holiday sports clubs.

Apprentices gain the following qualifications:  

  • Level 2 in Activity Leadership. 

  • Level 2 in Employer Awareness. 

  • Level 2 in Leading Health Related Fitness Activiity.

  • First Aid.

  • Safeguarding.

Apprentices must be aged 16 - 19yrs and on a 52 week contract. The cost of an apprentice can be split by schools linking together. Time would be split evenly over the two sites depending on what each school requires.

If your school is interested in employing an apprentice or wants further information please contact Hannah Woodford on 07802625958 or alternatively email

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