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Charity Work

Stafford Sports and Performance Academy are proud to currently support three local charities.

Katherine House Hospice

House of Bread

Motor Neurone Association

Stafford Highfields Fire Trust


Katherine House Hospice

Director Steve Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2019 to raise funds for Katherine House.

Details of Katherine House Hospice can be found at:

House of Bread Stafford

Christmas 2017 and 2018 saw many families support the House of Bread by providing food and other items in "Reverse Advent Calendars.  Each day in December families placed an item of food into a box. At Christmas these boxes were handed over to the House of Bread team to distribute as needed. 2019 will see the SSPA team try to engage at least 200 local families to support this wonderful project. 

Details of House of Bread's work can be found at:

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